5 Steps to Create a Social Media Graphic with Canva

In an earlier blog post, we looked at what Canva is and what makes Canva a great tool to use when creating graphics for any of your social media profiles.

In this blog post, we will learn how to create a new graphic in Canva. And remember, Canva is free to use for anyone.

Log in to Canva

First, you must sign up or log in to your Canva account.

After you have logged in, you will see the Canva Home page.

Create a new Design

To begin with, click the “Create a design” button.

Now you will see a list of different types of graphics. Look for the social media graphic type that you would like to create. For example, to create a new cover image for your Facebook page, look for Facebook Cover, and click on the name.

You will now see a new, empty canvas. The size of the canvas is specific to the Facebook Cover image area so the final graphic will fit the cover image area on your Facebook page.

Look for a Template

The next step is to find a template to use as a starting point for your graphic.

If you work on a computer or laptop, you can see a list of available templates to the left. There are both free and premium templates in this list. Premium templates are indicated with a small crown icon.

When you find a template you like, drag it over to the white canvas. It will automatically fit with the canvas size. You can search for more templates and drag the new one over the first template on the canvas to replace it.

After you have found a template you like, you will need to replace the template content with your content.

Put your content on the new Graphic

The template on the canvas is a set of many smaller items. You can select any of these items or elements and delete or edit them.

When you select an element on the template, a menu appears over the canvas. This menu shows options according to the type of element you have selected. For example, if you click on an image, the menu displays a group of image editing tools. If you, on the other hand, select a text, the menu shows you a set of text formatting tools.

You can also add more elements to your new graphic. In the Elements menu on the left, just under the templates icon, you can find a collection of photos, graphics, lines and shapes, videos and more. Just drag these elements onto your design and customize them with your text, colours, etc.

In the menu on the left, you can also upload your own images to use in your design.

Download your new graphic

When you have finished your graphic, you can download it to your computer. Click on the Share button just over the canvas and select Download. You can choose from different types of file formats. For social media graphics, we usually use PNG or JPG. Then click Download.

Your graphic is now ready. You can upload it from your computer to your social media profile.

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