How to Add More Fonts to Google Docs

Google Docs includes a basic selection of fonts that might be all we need for some of our documents. But on occasion, we want to create a new design with new fonts. Fortunately, it’s easy to add more fonts. Let’s take a look at how we can add more fonts to our document. 

Before we start, we need to open one of our Google Docs documents or create a new document.

  1. Click the font name on the toolbar.
  2. Then, click More fonts.

Now, a new window opens with a list of all the available fonts. In this list, we can also see the appearance of each of the fonts.

We can use the Search field to quickly find the font if we know the font’s name.

We can also filter the list to display only a particular script group or filter the list by font category.

We can also choose to sort the list in different ways. By default, the list is sorted with the most popular fonts displayed first.

  1. To select a font, click on the font name. A blue checkmark is displayed to the left of the font name.

Now we can see that the font has been added to the “My Font” column on the right.

All the fonts we add are displayed in the My Font column.

To eliminate one of the fonts we have added, just delete it from the My Font column.

  1. After selecting our new font we click OK to save.

Now, we can select a text on our document, click on the font name in the toolbar and look for the new font in the font list.

If multiple font variants are available for our new font, we will see an arrow to the right.

Just move the pointer over the arrow, and we will see all the font variants available for this font.

Click on a font variant. We can now see that the text we had selected is displayed using the new font.

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