How to Create a PDF that is Easy to Read on Mobiles

The PDF file format is widely used to send or distribute documents. The advantage of using this document format is that it is easy to create and can be read on most computers, laptops, mobile devices and tablets.

A PDF document has a fixed size and layout. This means that the content does not change or adapt to the reading device.

The most used page sizes are the US Letter and the A4 format. These are the page sizes we use all the time for standard documents we might need to print out.

While this page size is fine for reading on a laptop screen or larger screens, it is a bit too large for mobile or tablet screens. On mobile and tablets, we usually have to zoom in and move the document around to be able to comfortably read the text.

So, how can you create a PDF file that is easy to read on a tablet or mobile device? Create a document with a smaller page size, for example, the 6x9in or the international A5 format.

Because of the smaller document size, we can see the entire page on the mobile screen and read the text without the need to zoom in.

And which font size should you use? I would suggest using a font size between 12 and 16 points. You can also leave less margin space than you would for a print document.

So, which page size is better to use? In the end, it depends on how your readers are going to read your document. If you think most of them will use their laptop or computer screen, then the US Letter or A4 would be fine.

And if you think that a majority will read on a mobile or tablet, then a good alternative is to use one of the smaller page sizes.

So if you need to create an easy-to-read PDF document that can be viewed online on nearly any device, this is an easy way to accomplish that. And of course, it’s also still possible to print out the document if anyone would like to.