How to Get a Reliable Internet Connection at Home

Problems with your internet connection? Impossible to send a big file or hold an online video meeting without constant interruptions? The problem is probably your Wi-Fi connection.

As an entrepreneur, small business owners, artists or any other person working from home, we depend upon a reliable internet connection. This is especially important if we attend online meetings, hold a live webinar or carry out any other online activity where interruptions could cause significant problems. 

Common Wi-Fi problems

Wi-Fi connections can often be quite irregular in speed, especially if the router is placed in another room. The Wi-Fi signal must then bounce on different walls before reaching your location. 

Since the Wi-Fi signal is transmitted using radio waves, it is also easier for it to be affected by external interferences like other electronic devices in your home or outside your home.

The Wi-Fi connection can also be perfect one day and the next day it might be nearly impossible for it to work. There may even be moments during the day when it is especially tricky to get a good Wi-Fi reception. 

Best place to put the router

One solution to this is, if it is possible, to place the router in the same room where you work. Or place the router in such a way that there are no direct obstacles between it and your computer. This way, the Wi-Fi signal can travel unblocked from the router to your computer.

The most reliable solution

If this is not possible or if you need the highest possible speed, the easiest way to get a reliable internet connection is to connect your computer directly to the router with an Ethernet cable. 

With an Ethernet cable, you will always get the same high speed between your computer and the router, no matter where your computer is placed. Data can travel without interruptions like walls or external interferences.

You can find Ethernet cables in lengths from a few meters to over 30 meters. They are a cheap and easy way to ensure a good connection.

Most computers come with an Ethernet port. But with some, especially with small laptops, you might need an adapter.

For gaming, streaming, online meetings, webinars or other activities, the best solution might be to connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable.

And if you temporarily have to work from a new location or from another room in your home, make sure to test the Wi-Fi connection before attending an online meeting or webinar. Just to avoid last-minute connection problems.

Credits featured image: Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash.

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