New music video for The End of Summer


It is already late summer now, the days are slowly getting shorter. So I thought it would be a great moment to publish a video for my song The End of Summer.

The End of Summer is a song I composed and published last year, but at that time I did not create a video for the song. Like most of my music, it is calm and relaxing piano music that I hope will help you relax and to have a quiet and comforting moment.

Some of the images are from our garden. The raindrops lingering on leaves and flowers in the late evening after the rain. Below you can find credits for all the other images in the video.

This year has been a year of big changes for us so I have not had much time to compose or publish music. But now I am working on new songs that hopefully I will be able to publish very soon. Maybe an EP!

I will come back with more news about my new music very soon!


Credits to some of the images in the video:

Markus Kammermann from Pixabay / Leopictures from Pixabay / Heiko Stein from Pixabay

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