Standard License Agreement

This is the Agreement for my Standard Licenses. Please read this Agreement carefully before buying the license. When you buy one of my licenses and digital downloads at, you accept the terms in this agreement.

Royalty-Free Music Standard License Agreement

This is a Standard License Agreement between Jan Jurstrand – Jan Jurstrand Music (the Licensor) and you, the buyer of the License (the Licensee). Upon purchase of this License, the Licensee accepts the terms in this agreement. 

This License grants you (the Licensee) a limited right to use the purchased music track (the Recording), composed and recorded by the composer Jan Jurstrand (the Licensor), as specified in this agreement. 

About this License

This License is non-exclusive and non-transferable. You can use the Recording worldwide and in perpetuity. 

Each License is valid for one end-user only on multiple projects. This means that you can use the Recording on multiple of your projects if you are the end-user. But if you create videos for different clients, a new License must be acquired for each client or end-user.

You can use the Recording as background music together with other components to create a new end product where the music is not the main focus of this end product. 

You can sell, monetize, stream and distribute your project when the music is not the main focus of this project.

Some examples where you can use the Recording as background music are:

  • Videos on online platforms, for example, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Online video tutorials on, for example, YouTube
  • Online video commercials
  • Corporate presentations
  • Website videos
  • Video blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks and Apps
  • Wedding videos
  • Short Films, Indie Films and Documentaries not for theatrical release
  • Online presentations or webinars
  • Online classes
  • E-learning 
  • Social Media Videos

Not included in this License

This License does not cover the following usages of the Recording:

  • Radio or Television Broadcast, Streaming Television, Video-on-Demand, Streaming Radio, Broadcasted commercials
  • Theatrical released Films and Documentaries
  • Games

In these cases, an Extended License is needed. Please send an email to for a custom quote and with more information about how your project is going to be used.

Validity of the License

This License is only valid together with a receipt or invoice showing the name or title of the purchased Recording or with the buyers’ email address stamped on the License Certificate that is downloaded together with the music track.

Modifications of the audio track

You can adapt the levels (fade in and fade out) and the length of the Licensed audio track or use shorter sections of the audio track to fit it with the final product.

Limitation of rights

You can only use the Recording as background music on your projects as described above. You are not allowed to use the Recording on its own.

More specifically, you are not allowed to:

  • Create a music video with the Recording.
  • Resell, stream, share or distribute the Recording without first integrate the Recording with your project as described above.
  • Sublease, share, sell, transfer or make available the License to any third party.
  • Submit the Recording or a project which includes the Recording to YouTube’s ContentID system or to any other content identification or recognition service.
  • Use the Recording on its own or create a new product where the music, the composition or the Recording is the main content.

Restrictions of use

The Licensed music track may not be used on any media that: 

  • promotes illegal activities
  • shows pornographic material
  • shows hate, violence or disrespect towards other people of any race, gender, religion or political opinion
  • shows hate, violence or disrespect towards animals 

Ownership of the music and Intellectual Property Rights

The composer Jan Jurstrand owns and controls all the Rights and Copyrights of the music that you are licensing, both the musical composition and the recording, and they are protected by international copyright laws. The Licensor has taken measures to protect the music from illegal usage.

You do not acquire any proprietary rights or copyrights to the music (musical compositions or recordings) when you purchase a License.

Performance Rights Organizations (PRO) and Cue Sheets

In most cases, as the end-user of the Recording, you don’t have to worry about the Royalties. This is why it is often called Royalty-Free Music. You just have to pay for the License once, nothing more.

Now, if the Recording is broadcasted, for example on TV, radio or in film production, then Public Performance royalties are owed to the composer. These royalties are paid by the company or network that broadcasts the music, and they have to prepare a cue sheet with the information about how the music has been used and send this to the corresponding performance rights organisation (PRO). But you, as the end-user of the Recording, don’t have to pay any royalties to use the music. 

Please send an email to with more information about how your project is going to be used so that more details and the composers PRO membership number can be sent to you.


Whenever it is possible, please credit the composer in your end product like this:

Music by Jan Jurstrand (

Warranty and Liability 

Licensor warrants that he owns and controls the copyright of both the composition and the recording of the Licensed music track. Other than this, the Licensor disclaims all warranties and the Licensee agree that this License is granted without any other warranty and that the Licensor shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to additional expenses, lost profits or other damages, by using the Licensed audio recording. The total liability of the Licensor under this License Agreement shall be limited to the price paid by the Licensee for this License.

Changes in this Agreement 

The Licensor reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement at any time. These changes will only apply to new downloads and not to downloads prior to the change.

Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

For the resolution of all disputes or questions related to this License Agreement, Swedish legislation will be applicable.

Ver. 17/07/2023